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We supply and install Garage Doors with Motors and Gate Motors. We also do Repairs,Service,Maintenance on any kind of garage doors,Handyman jobs and Electrician jobs.

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 Safety First

Your garage door works very hard daily, lowered and raised up to six times a day. And it is a heavy object on its own that you want to have functioning properly in daily operation. So shouldn’t it get the care it deserves so that it does not become a safety concern in your home? Wear and tear should be expected with anything that we use on a daily basis like the garage door. To prevent injuries and

damage, Proudly Garage doors recommends that your garage door be professionally inspected once every six months. It is better to take safety precautions around your home. Proudly Garage doors cares and we do our work to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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                             OFFICE - 084 555 2351             Whatsapp - 084 555 2351 
                              CELL - 076 655 4403                 Facebook page- ProudlyGarageDoors

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